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CIU Finally Moves to their New Home

Bishop Zac Niringiye, Dr. Moses Galukande, Dr. Ian Clarke, and Dr. Rose Nanyonga in a group photo

Kampala – As Education institutions strategize for during and post Covid-19 reality, those who are not prepared may be left out but not Clarke International University (CIU).

As President Museveni directed that schools and all educational institutions will be reopening for finalists by October 15, all institutions must fulfill the stipulated requirements for prevention of the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.


Clarke International University is well prepared with all the requirements including training of staff and students on how to lessen the spread of the virus.

They officially moved to a new home located in Bukasa-Muyenga old stone quarry. Surprisingly, whereas other institutions went into sleep mode after closure 6 months ago, the proprietors of the value-based university that inspires leadership, critical thinking, and innovation used lockdown time to erect the facility.


CIU was formerly located at 4686 St. Barnabas Road, Namuwongo, and a southeastern section of Kampala for 10 years. Notably, the IHSU’s campus was located on the top floor of the building that houses International Hospital Kampala (IHK). On Friday 11, September 2020, CIU officially opened its permanent campus and held a scientific function that was honored by Bishop Zac Niringiye, Clarke International University Chancellor who did the groundbreaking nine months ago.

Dr. Ian Clarke, the university founder and promoter underlined that the new place is more spacious and that the students will not be disrupted at all. He further noted that they have plans of expanding and building further so that students are in classrooms that inspire them, plus spaces that are light, and airy.

“The good thing with this new building, we have space, we have the facilities, you can imagine we were before at the top floor of IHK which has not been the best place to be, we were renting, but now we own a large site, we expect more buildings, and we expect the University to grow” Dr. Ian Clarke noted.

Besides permanence and space, qualifying for charter was the first bold reason to own a building and satisfy the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE).


“There is another reason for why this University has its own building because when you have your own building, you qualify for charter and we wanted to be a chartered University, we have been licensed but there are few private universities that obtain a charter so that’s why” Dr. Ian added.

“The entire plan of the new Campus is to accommodate over 4000 students. We have been having 398 students of which we want to get them back and finish their courses. We aim at contributing to the development, developing the country not political but through education.


We changed the name 2 years ago from International Health Science University to Clarke International University because we are broadening the University. We now offer IT, business courses and we expect to keep broadening what the University can offer” Dr. Ian clarified.
Dr. Rose Nanyonga, the vice Chancellor Clerk International University assured Red pepper that the University is ready with the COVID-19 SOPS.

Dr. Rose indicated some confidence that the reopening of Universities will not help to generate a second wave of infection but to carefully control and manage the spread of COVID-19. She noted that the University has been training the University staff, and students on the regulations and safe, protective, and hygiene practices.


Notably, the University has been offering remote learning and still looks forward to complying with it if the situation doesn’t normalize.

“The National Council has issued the specific guidelines that universities should adhere to, things like hands-free washing, sanitizers, ensuring social distancing, in place sickbay, we have established a COVID task force within the University, and we train them and also the temperature guns at the entrance are all available. We are basically following what the National council recommends, and we are having an inspection next week to ensure compliance and adherence. Our office administrators are working in shifts so that we do not have everybody on-site and that allows us to continue practicing social distancing. Those who are sick or with flue signs stay home” Dr. Rose said.

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